TOYOHASHI UNIVERSITY of TECHNOLOGY Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Science and technology is an important aspect of culture in that it has helped enrich our lives and has played an important role in the formation and development of modern society. Nevertheless, we face greater challenges, for example, environmental concerns, in today's increasingly complex world. To address these challenges and to improve the relationship human beings have with the world, science and technology are required to enter a new stage of development.

Against this backdrop, there is a demand for leading engineers who are well versed in the environment, society, and human needs. Engineers who can understand science and technology in relation to human activity, and who can formulate their opinions in conjunction with these complex issues.

The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences is designed to develop such engineers by offering a wide range of general undergraduate classes in selected areas of liberal arts (humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), including physical education and foreign languages. These classes are aimed at offering a broad range of knowledge as well as instilling an international perspective in our students. The master's degree program offers courses in the humanities and social sciences, which is designed (a progression from our undergraduate curriculum) for students to form a broad academic foundation for further studies. Our faculty members teach in both the master's and doctoral degree programs.

Finally, Japanese language and culture programs are made available for international students, constituting another major feature of the programs offered at the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.