Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Message from the Chair and Deputy Chair

Professor Mihoko Kato
(Deputy Chair of the Institute
of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Dr. Mitsuteru Inoue
(Chair of the Institute of
Liberal Arts and Sciences)

 Since the opening of Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) in 1976, we have accepted graduates of National Institute of Technology (kosen) into our 3rd-year classes and have consistently fostered them on a path of engineering and research. These are the students who will become eminent leaders in the field of technological science, some specializing in the manufacturing sector.

 The kosen system, which offers 5-year, integrated engineering education to students from the age of 15, was established in 1961 in response to a strong demand from the industrial sector to foster engineers who would show ingenuity during a period of high economic growth in Japan. Under the mission of fostering practical engineers, the system’s curricula include many university-level specialized subjects, experimental work and practical training at a higher ratio compared to general education classes. As a result, the students from the kosen system have had fewer foreign language and liberal arts courses.

 We accept as 3rd-year students those kosen students who have completed an Associate’s Degree in Engineering, aiming to foster advanced, highly motivated engineers/researchers in the field of technological science. Centered around the goal of creating well-rounded and successful engineers, under an integrated 4-year education system, from the 3rd year through to a masters’ degree, students study both creative and practical ways to meet the professional challenges they will face in today’s globalized world.

 To fulfill this goal, during the student’s 4-year period of Outline, we offer a variety of courses in the fields of communication, humanities, natural science, planning/management science, and health and physical education. We believe that our 4-year Outline system is very unique.

 The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS), which consists of many specialists from various fields, provides a program that plays a pivotal role in liberal arts and engineering education at TUT. To achieve our mission of fostering future global engineering and science leaders, ILAS promotes education and research in close cooperation with the other five engineering departments, a unique facet of TUT’s education system.